New Year’s Resolutions Part 3: Ergonomic Solutions January 29 2019

Ariel view of office cubicles and employees

Ergonomic solutions prevent injuries in the workplace. Office workers often sustain musculoskeletal disorders due to stress on the body. These range from carpal tunnel to neck strain which may not seem severe. However, overtime if ergonomic solutions aren’t implemented, these injuries may lead to more severe health concerns. Promote health and workplace productivity in the new year by implementing the following ergonomic solutions.



Believe it or not, holding a phone to your ear causes stress to your wrists and shoulders. Use a hands-free headset to limit this stress. If possible, don’t use a laptop as your primary work computer. A detached keyboard and monitor allow more flexibility to support proper posture.


Seated Posture:

Speaking of posture, set up your seated workspace to prevent injuries. Invest in a chair that supports the curvature of your spine. Adjust your chair to allow your knees to be in line with your hips and your feet flat on the ground, hip with apart. The height of your desk should allow your wrists to be in line with your elbows.


Standing Posture:

Working at a standing desk is a great alternative to seated work. You’re able to engage more muscles and put less stress on your body. However, there are still standing desk best practices that effect the comfortability of your work station. Ensure you’re standing tall with your head in line with your shoulders, hips and feet. Stand an arm’s length away from your monitor. Close enough to use your keyboard and mouse with straight writs in line with your elbows but far enough to keep eye strain at bay.


Cubicle Organization:

Reorganize your cubicle. Start by clearing off your workspace completely. From there, disinfect hard to reach areas and sort through clutter. Only keep a handful of personal items that inspire and motivate you. Anything over that is just clutter that can be overwhelming and distracting. Make sure supplies that you use often are within reach. The rest can be stored in drawers or a hanging wall organizer. Don’t forget to utilize vertical space as well.



Move as much as possible throughout the day. Vary your movement for best results. Computer workers are usually sedentary which restricts blood flow and increases the likelihood of life-threatening health concerns. If you’re experiencing grogginess, the most effective fix is to get up and move. Don’t underestimate the power of taking the stairs instead of the elevator.


Workstation Evaluation:

The general ergonomic best practices above are a great place to start. Take your workspace health to the next level by targeting problem areas specific to your unique needs. We’ll take the time to investigate the source of your aches and pains, providing ergonomic solutions tailored to give you the comfortable and productive workspace you need.


Ergo Works in Palo Alto, CA is a full-service ergonomics company specializing in the well-being of heavy computer users. We offer a variety of workstation accessories, office space planning and on-site installations. Contact us to learn more about incorporating ergonomics into your office space.


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