Make an Appointment to Visit Our Showroom November 30 2018

Make an Appointment to Visit Our Showroom

Shopping online is great but sometimes you need to see items in person before you buy. That’s why we have a showroom in Palo Alto, CA. Make an appointment to visit the Ergo Works showroom and you’ll have access to in-person only benefits.




1. Price Match Guarantee

If you’re worried about the possibility of finding better prices online, don’t! Our price match guarantee will still allow you to find what you need in our showroom at the best possible price. That way you’re able to see the items you need in real life before buying without compromising on price.


2. Try Electronic & Sit/ Stand Desks

When you buy online, you’re unable to try new products. A showroom appointment allows you to try electric and sit/stand desks. It’s a big decision to change the way you work. Be sure of your decision before you buy.


3. Workstation Design & Office Chair Fittings

At our showroom we can design a workstation just for you. Start by telling us your needs and the obstacles you face on an everyday basis. Then we’ll fit you for an office chair and recommend solutions just for you.


Corporate Purchasing


1. Corporate Pricing

If you’re looking to buy items for an entire office while in our showroom, we offer discounts. These discounts are based on quantity, product selection or a commitment to purchase over time.


2. Custom Corporate Order Form

We’ll create an order form for your employees with products that are pre-approved to meet your corporate standards. Your employees get what they need while still maintaining a cohesive feel throughout the office.


3. Ergonomic Services

We offer ergonomic services that cater to your whole office. After stopping by our showroom, schedule an ergonomic training or on-site installation for the items you purchased from us. We are dedicated to giving your organization the tools and information needed to create an efficient work environment.


When Should I Visit?


1. After an Ergonomic Evaluation & Workshop Training

Sore backs and muscle fatigue are common among computer workers. If you suffer from aches and pains due to your work environment but you don’t know what to change, start by scheduling an ergonomic evaluation or workshop training. During these services we’ll uncover the source of your pain and teach you personalized solutions. These are great services to schedule before you make an appointment to visit our showroom.


2. Before On-Site Installation

Once you pinpoint the cause of your daily discomfort and learn ergonomic solutions, then it’s time to visit our showroom. If you decide to make a purchase at our showroom, we can install the items on-site. We’ll make sure the items you ordered are installed correctly and safely.


Schedule your appointment to visit the Ergo Works showroom in Palo Alto, CA by calling (866) 275-3746. We’d love to see you there!