Ergonomics in Flight! Advice for Airport Travel July 26 2018

Ergonomics in Flight! Advice for Airport Travel

Summer is a great time to travel. Taking flights to other parts of the world or even just across the country can mean long periods of sitting in a static position either on the plane or in the airport. But travelling doesn’t have to be uncomfortable! Check out these ergonomic travel items that can make the journey just as relaxing as the destination.


Your Baggage


Having ergonomically designed luggage can reduce the amount of strain you’re putting on your back and shoulders while carrying around your stuff from place to place. It can also make it easier to carry more without feeling overburdened. Rolling luggage is always a good choice as it removes much of the strain of carrying around your belongings. Consider the following options:


Kensington Contour Roller Bag


This simple and convenient bag has numerous utility pockets with a 5-stage telescoping handle that can adjust to your height and preferred reach length. This roller bag has a laptop pouch protection system, expandable pockets, and zip-front access compartment for easy-to-access key items. The contour system and shape of the bag helps reduce shoulder and neck fatigue by up to 35% when not using the roller handle.


CODi Urban Roller



Made with a strong nylon material and a single-tube telescope handle, this wheeled case has a forever guarantee. With a padded and molded top grab handle, you can lift and pull with ease. It has an inner laptop compartment as well as a large rear compartment with ample room for personal items.


See more luggage and bag options from AskErgoWorks here


Your Seat


Airplanes are known for their poor seat design. With the exception of certain first-class cabins, most airline seats are uncomfortable and not ergonomically friendly. Consider customizing your seat with these options:


  • Inflatable Back Cushion
    Lumbar support is often not supported in airline seating. Provide the support yourself! 
  • Travel Foot Rest
    Kick up your feet anywhere! 
  • Mobile Lap Desk
    The drop-down trays available on flights are not designed for laptop use. If you’re spending a considerable amount of time on a flight and trying to get work done, you may find yourself experiencing wrist strain. Over time, this can lead to carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Laptop Bag and Support Combination Set
    Open up your laptop quickly and easily anywhere. Position your screen at a comfortable height and provide extra comfort for your wrists. This bag is perfect for custom checks because the laptop doesn’t have to be taken out of its bag.


Make the Journey Exciting


Don’t let uncomfortable airport or airline seating take away from the excitement of your trip. You can create a custom ergonomic environment with a few great accessories. Not only will you be more comfortable, but it will be better for your health as well! Bon voyage!