Carpal Tunnel Syndrome FAQ February 17 2016

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome FAQ

What is carpal tunnel syndrome?
Carpal tunnel syndrome is when swollen tendons in put pressure on the median nerve that travels through the wrist to the hand. As you can see in the diagram above, this nerve lies in between your carpal bones and the ligament that connects them together - when the hand and wrist do repeated movements that are unnatural, tendons in the carpal tunnel become inflamed, causing pain in the nerve. 


Why does it happen to so many people who work in an office?
The reason that carpal tunnel is a common condition in the workplace is because many people perform repeated motions - such as typing, moving a mouse or even sewing - that are unnatural to the wrist. If a person does this long enough, they will eventually injure their wrist and cause damage to the medial nerve. 


What are the most common ways people can get carpal tunnel in the workplace?
There are many ways that people can develop this condition in an office or behind a computer. The most common of these has to do with awkward hand positions: 


This figure shows that excess stress on the top of your wrist from improper angles when typing or operating a mouse can cause carpal tunnel. Also, if you hold your wrist at an awkward angle and move it side to side, this repeated motion can put unwanted pressure on the tendons and nerve in your wrist.

So what are some solutions if I have carpal tunnel from my office job?
If you do any of these movements, the best solution is to place a cushion underneath your forearm when you type or use a mouse. In fact, Ask Ergo Works has some pretty nifty products that could help you get back on track to being pain-free in your wrist at work:

Gell Filled Wrist Rests: Our wide collection of wrist rests will keep your forearm and wrist at the same plane, which will take off unnecessary pressure on your wrist when you type or use a computer. Check out our selection here:

Natural Keyboards: Having a keyboard for your computer that fits your natural hand position and movements would be a great longterm solution for people with carpal tunnel. We have a wide variety of ergonomic keyboards available for any budget:

If you suffer from pain in your wrist, be sure to take the proper actions to becoming pain-free again: Go to your doctor and discuss the best course of action for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment, and call Ask Ergo Works if you want to supply your office with ergonomic furniture and devices to keep your employees from putting more stress on their wrists.