G-Hold Working From Home Kit



  • 2 x G-Hold® Home Hangs (each containing two VELCRO® Brand attachment pads for your devices)
    • Hang any phone, tablet, laptop screen or accessory from any secure picture hook or utensil hanger.
    • Perfect for video calling/presenting, with flexible height positioning without the need for expensive equipment.
    • Can be used as a convenient desk riser when paired with a wireless keyboard.
    • Multitask in the kitchen without fear of getting food or liquid on your device.
    • VELCRO® Brand attachment offers ultimate security and flexibility. Velour (loop) pads can be cut to size.
  • 2 x Extra VELCRO® Brand Velour (loop) Attachment Pads
    • Cut to size to create your own attachments; enables you to conveniently hang dongles, USB hubs, mobile chargers, remote controls and much more.
  • 1 x G-Hold® Comfi Phone Holder and Stand (Black)
    • Universally compatible with all phones and more cases, including leather, PU, plastic and rubber.
    • Stands in both portrait and landscape; ideal for video calling and media viewing.
    • Premium comfort neoprene padding for any optimum holding experience. 
    • Patented, award-winning technology enables your figures to be close together in a natural position, protecting your hands and wrists, as well as your phone.
    • Rotates 360° for flexible positioning.
    • Bespoke VELCRO® Brand low-profile base with easy-release tab enables you to reposition the holder or remove for wireless charging.
  • 1 x G-Hold® Universal Tablet Holder - Black Engraved
    • Universally compatible with all tablets, readers, slates and most cases, including leather, PU, plastic and rubber.
    • Contoured stems, stone tumbled for a smooth finish, slide between your fingers for maximum control and optimal comfort.
    • Adjustable VELCRO® Brand base enables the G-Hold unit to be removed or repositioned for access to kickstand.
    • Patented, award-winning technology to protect your hands, wrists and posture, as well as your device.
    • Rotates 360° for flexible positioning whilst you work, play, learn and create.
    • Slides flat for easy storage. 
  • 1 x Laminated Stretch Guide & Password Access to the Active X Virtual Stretch Studio
    • Laminated stretch guide with easy stretches by Active X Backs.
    • Schedule just 3 minutes a day to relax and stretch out your hands, wrists, back, neck and shoulders.
    • Use your private access password to be welcomed to the virtual Stretch Studio where Gavin Routledge of Active X Backs will take you through the stretches in a quick, simple video.



An affordable solution for supporting postural and musculoskeletal health whilst working and learning from home.

Contains the full suite of G-Hold® ergonomic products for your everyday devices, enabling you to work, play, learn and create from the comfort of your home.

Award-winning osteopath and author, Gavin Routledge of Active X Backs, has created a bespoke program of stretches for your hand, wrist, neck and back to alleviate common pressure points that often build whilst working from home.


Tech Specs

  • 276g (9.73 oz) - Total weight of full WFH Kit (contained within its postal box)

  • 23mm depth, 340 mm length, 235mm width (again, postal box is full WFH Kit size)

  • Cardboard postal box exterior packaging cardboard, linen bag and paper packaging for products inside box.

  • Products contained are super tough nylon (phone holder); ABS & Polypropylene (tablet holder); polypropylene (Home Hang) and laminated stretch sheet.

  • Paper poster stuck to inside of lid with full description of products.