Ergo Works® thanks the following valued clients for their positive feedback, regarding our ergonomic solutions, products and services:


…Liz and her team have been able to solve every ergonomic problem that we have ever had with TechCU employees. I have learned to trust their judgement and follow their advice implicitly. 

Jeff Powers - Facilities and Security Manager, TechCU

-- Gabby V.

I can't stress enough how positive our interactions with Ergo Works have been and continues to be. The evaluations are completed in a timely manner and the feedback and suggestions for equipment are great and quickly delivered/installed. Ergo Works constantly supplies the support we need to improve and continue the ergonomic program at our company. 

Laura Claverie-Diaz, MPhil, MSFS-EHS Specialist, Danisco


I recently made a mistake ordering my ergonomic keyboard and Angela went above and beyond to help me correct my mistake and quickly found a solution. Next time I need an ergonomic update to my workspace, Ergo Works will be my first stop and I am quick to recommend them when co-workers ask where I purchased my ergonomic, yet aesthetically pleasing keyboard.

-- Gabby V.



It’s truly refreshing to see such great service! Doing phone gymnastics every time you call and get lost in the automation is a common problem in today’s world and aggravates me to no end. I was relieved to have a human answer every time I called and I received quick attentive service even though it wasn’t in your favor so to speak. Even though the product itself did not work out for me it has no bearing on the quality of it or you as a company! Much appreciation for all you stand for as a small business and I pray you can continue to set the precedent for others to follow!  

-- Nora Reid



I called yesterday afternoon to order a new Roller Mouse Pro 2 (which I previously purchased from your company and absolutely love) since the soft vinyl wrist rests are worn out. I got tired of using electrical tape to cover it.

Angela said I didn't have to replace the mouse, but could just order new replacement pads. I said no way they could be removed. She said to look at the bottom and, sure enough, I figured out how to do it. She saved my company over $150.

We distribute office headsets and do exactly the same thing for our customers. We can usually prevent our customers from buying new and we always try to do that. Now I know how it feels to be on the other side.

Angela exemplifies what we strive to do with our customers. Which is why I'll continue to work with your company in the future, and will refer others to you as I get the chance. Well done, Angela!

-- Eric Torrison Owner Business Telecom Products, Inc.



I just received my order today. Very fast shipping! Great product! Great price!

-- Todd, Painted Post, NY



"I would just like to say that ordering my Adesso ergo keyboard with the built-in touch pad from your company was a dream. Your website is stream-lined, focused and very easy to use. So many sites aren't. They're all about what else can they sell you. I asked for and got advice on which board to get via email.

My keyboard came in less than 2 weeks, and connected to my computer at work with no problems, and no need to install anything. This is a key issue, since that would require a profile change on the server. I ordered the keyboard because my right shoulder has been bothering me for some time from mousing. So far, my shoulder hasn't felt sore. I've used it steadily for 1.5 hours. I think I found my solution. Thank you."

-- Karen Bechtold



"I have worked with Ergo Works for many years and I've found their service to be of the highest quality. I appreciate their accessibility, promptness in returning calls, flexibility and professionalism. Ergo Works carries many of the ergonomic products that we recommend, all at one location, on a website that is easy to navigate. It's good to know that we can rely on Ergo Works' knowledge to help us with our varied ergonomics needs."

-- Kasey Soto, Risk Management, Wells Fargo



"Ergo Works has been a critical link in our efforts to install a pro-active Ergonomic Management Process at our site. Their professional and prompt responses to our changing needs are always in the best interest of the employee."

-- Walter C. Fluharty, Psy.D., CEES; Manager, Occupational Safety and Industrial Health; Bayer Corporation



"Anne Kramer is a gifted and experienced pro, whose dedication to service is unmatched in the ergonomic arena. She has helped us create and maintain a safe workplace for all employees at Union Bank of California. I have enjoyed having the opportunity to work with her, and I highly recommend her to all businesses."

-- Darryl Gois, Corporate Safety, Union Bank of California



"I have been working with Ergo Works, Inc. for over six years. I started recommending clients purchase ergonomic equipment from them after trying several competitors and being disappointed. Within a short period of time, Ergo Works became the only vendor that I recommend and currently use.

My decision was based on their competitive prices, timely product delivery, excellent customer service and helpful staff.

Ergo Works has customized order forms for me, located hard to find or out of stock items, provided equipment updates and new product information and even carry special products for my customers. As an Independent Ergonomic Specialist and sole proprietor, my business is enhanced by their expertise, outstanding customer service and competitive prices. I cannot recommend them highly enough."

-- Rita Vrhel, RN, BSN, CCM; Ergonomic Specialist and Nurse Consultant



"Bank of America thanks you, Anne! It has been great doing business with you and Ergo Works®. Your company has always stepped up to any request we have had and your strict attention to detail coupled with a sincere dedication to workplace safety, continues to provide us with a safe work environment. Keep up the good work, so we can. Ergonomic safety is important to every company. I recommend Ergo Works® to all companies dedicated to workplace safety and lower compensation costs."

-- Susan DiMatteo, Ergonomic Specialist, Bank of America



"Ergo Works® has done a fine job serving our office ergonomic needs. Their service is timely and prompt, and they have helped us serve our diverse workforce in many ways. The staff at Ergo Works® is always professional, friendly and responsive to the needs of our staff. We could not keep up with the demands for ergonomic assessments and equipment without Ergo Works® assistance."

-- Monte Bowman, Environmental and Safety Department, Bayer Corporation



"I started working with Anne Kramer, at Ergo Works®, in 1996, and can unequivocally attest to her enthusiasm, integrity, and proven ability in her field. The product recommendations, prices and fast service make Ergo Works® our most valuable vendor. I have purchased everything from 100 chairs to one mouse pad, at very competitive prices. In addition to great products, Anne offers the best employee ergonomic training and evaluations in the industry! Our employees and management ask for Anne to come back year after year. I would recommend Anne Kramer and Ergo Works® to any business that values the importance of keeping its employees healthy, happy and productive."

-- Eric Correa, Facilities Engineer, Mosel Vitelic Corporation



"Anne Kramer is one of the most creative and dedicated ergonomic specialist that I have had the pleasure of working with. Her clear understanding and communication of workplace safety has helped me institute our company safety standards with respect to computer use and workplace environments. I give her the highest recommendations possible. Great service and fast product delivery. Ergo Works®...it really does!"

-- Diane Marchesi Human Resources, Olympian Oil



"I have been using Ergo Works® for over three years now and have found it to be my one stop for my office ergonomic equipment. Though the products Ergo Works® supplies are always outstanding, it is their customer support that keeps me coming back. Since my co-workers are my customers, Ergo Works® has made it easy for me to service my clients with their ergonomic needs. Ergo Works® has no hassle returns and credit if my co-workers simply do not like the product. Exchanges are done quickly with no problems. Product support for repairs is prompt with the service tech always happy to service us. Thanks to Ergo Works® for making my job that much easier."

-- Don Oshiro, Facilities Manager, Federal Home Loan Bank



"I just got the new Cirque Cruise Cat touchpad I ordered, and I just wanted to write and say thank you!

About a week and a half ago, my beloved Cirque Power Cat touchpad died (after over seven years of steady use), and when I set out looking for a comparable one, I found Ergo Works (via Amazon.com) and saw that you had the best prices I could find.

I bought my first touchpad years ago hoping for some relief from the problems I'd been having with carpal tunnel syndrome and wrist, elbow, and shoulder tendinitis, all largely brought on by extensive computer use. When it broke recently, I had to resort to using a standard mouse and started experiencing escalating wrist, shoulder, and neck pain every day I used the mouse that came with this computer.

I practically hugged the UPS man today when I saw the package from Ergo Works. The shipping time was faster than I'd expected, and I'm so relieved to be using a touchpad again and not cringing with every mouse click! "

-- Stacey Wreath, Free Expression Enterprises, Inc.