Re-evaluate Your Home Office May 27 2020

Re-evaluate Your Home Office

Working from home has been shown to increase productivity and improve work-life balance. However, those results were proven in an environment where employees chose to work from home and were able to go into a physical office one day per week. Being forced to work from home every day for months on end isn’t ideal. This inconvenience is magnified by the global COVID-19 crisis. Many employees were tasked with homeschooling their children and working from a crowded home without a dedicated work space. Hopefully, as a work from home employee, you’ve been able to implement work from home ergonomics and the classic work from home tips. 


Re-evaluate your schedule and work from home set-up

Due to COVID-19, many people have been working from home for over two months. If you fall into this category, it’s time to re-evaluate your work from home strategies to ensure that you’ve been able to stay productive, prioritize your ergonomic health and maintain a good work-life balance.

  • Re-strategize with family & roommates: Important phone calls and video meetings often require you to strategize with the people you live with. Has this been working everyone? If not, shift how you communicate and schedule your days.
  • Evaluate to-do list: Whether your organization provides you with work management software or you rely on a to-do list, take a look at how successful this strategy has been for you.
  • Work-life balance: Your work from home schedule should allow you to spend time with the people in your household, take your mind off work and take care of your mental and physical health.
  • Stress relief: If you’ve felt higher stress levels while working from home for the last couple of months, re-evaluate your stress relief strategies. Incorporate small breaks, physical activity and personal hobbies into your day.
  • Ergonomic health: Take a few minutes to focus on your body. New aches and pains may have popped up that you’ve never experienced before. Make sure you’re adhering to correct seating and standing postures as well as giving your body the support it needs throughout the day.

Be kind to yourself

Acknowledge that working from home in your current situation is challenging. There are going to be good days and bad days and that is ok. Do the best you can during your work from home day and then allow yourself to prioritize your mental and physical health.

  • Take advantage of the benefits: While there are many challenges during this work from home sprint, there are also a couple of benefits. The most obvious is the extra time you gain from no longer having a commute. Allow yourself to use this time for yourself. Choose to complete an at-home workout, walk in your neighborhood or prepare a nutritious breakfast that can help you power through the morning.
  • Socialize: There is value in everyday social interactions. If you feel that you’re not getting enough everyday interactions try to collaborate on video calls instead of phone calls, check-in regularly with coworkers or create a virtual small talk channel for your coworkers or friends.

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