WFH Tips May 06 2020

WFH Tips

Working from home on occasion can be great but in the long term, it can be challenging as a casual space can create aches and strain on your body. Ergo Works has you covered. From setting up your at home workspace to finding a routine that works for you, it’s important to find the unique balance that works for you. Use the following work from home tips to keep productivity up while prioritizing your ergonomic health.      


Designated Workspace Setup

If possible, try to setup a designated workspace in your home. Not only will this help you switch into work mode easier, you’ll be able to customize the space for your ergonomic needs. If you aren’t able to designate a space only for your workspace, create a pop-up workspace. Choose a counter, table or even ottoman that you’re able to work on all day. Keep your work supplies all together in a storage container or shelf that is easily accessible every morning. Set aside 5-10 minutes before you start your workday to transform your work area.


Take Breaks Often

It’s best for your ergonomic health to take short breaks often. Stand up from your chair, walk across your home or any quick movement that will give your body a break and encourage blood flow. 


Go For A Walk

Another way to incorporate movement into your workday is to take calls as you walk. Go on a walk in your yard or neighborhood.


Ask for Equipment

As you set up your at-home workspace, take note of any equipment you may be missing and ask your employer for it. Don’t forget to re-evaluate your needs on a regular basis. Sometimes it takes trial and error to find the right setup for you.



If you don’t have time to take a short break or go on a walk, you can stretch. There are many stretches you can do without even standing up.


Organize Your Space

It’s easier to stay focused when your space is organized. Make sure all of your items have a designated home and place items that you use on a daily basis within arm’s reach. Having easy access to everyday items can help you avoid a muscle strain or other pain from executing an awkward posture.


Make a Plan

Create a work from home plan. This should include your workspace setup, schedule and goals. Having a plan makes it easier to stay on track and get back on track quicker if you happen to lose your way.


Ergo Works, Inc. is your ergonomic expert and our team of experienced professionals are here to help you. If you find yourself working from home and need advice, request a Remote Ergonomics Assessment. We can give you the recommendations you need to be comfortable and productive no matter where you are. Don’t forget that our online store has Workstation Accessories that can transform your work from home space into a productive and healthy workstation. Contact us to learn more about our ergonomic services.



Photo by Vlada Karpovich