Importance of an Ergonomic Evaluation April 30 2019

Importance of an Ergonomic Evaluation

Too many of us sit in front of a computer hunched over, barely moving all day. Backaches, carpal tunnel or all-around fatigue are sure to follow. It’s often difficult to pinpoint exactly what your aches and pains are caused by. Depending on the individual, the problem area ranges from your desk organization to your keyboard of choice. Everyone has different needs for their ergonomic health. That’s why we provide ergonomic evaluations.


Ergonomic Evaluation:

An evaluation by our team of trained ergonomic professionals is designed to locate ergonomic risk factors, improve workstation design, review optimum seating posture and keying techniques. We also make recommendations for equipment and workstation layout to improve overall ergonomic health. We offer three levels of ergonomic evaluations based on your needs and budget:

1. Preventative Ergonomic Evaluation:

This is a quick and cost-effective choice for computer users who aren’t currently experiencing work-related aches and pains.

2. Standard Ergonomic Evaluation:

This option is the best choice for computer users who are experiencing symptoms that haven’t progressed into a medical issue yet.

3. Comprehensive Ergonomic Evaluation:

This is the most detailed evaluation designed for computer users who are experiencing medical symptoms due to a lack of ergonomic health.


Reduce Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD’s):

Musculoskeletal Disorders or MSD’s are often experienced by employees across industries who are performing repetitive tasks or working in awkward postures. MSD’s can affect ligaments, tendons and muscles. Some MSD’s that affect computer users are carpal tunnel, muscle strains, trigger finger and tendinitis. According to OSHA, these types of workplace injuries cause the most reported lost work time. It pays off to invest in ergonomic health. Our team’s goal is to create a healthy work environment through sound ergonomic practices. By doing so, we can correct the behavior that commonly leads to MSD’s.


Increase Productivity:

Suffering from MSD’s or general aches and pains at work is distracting. Not only that but implementing ergonomic practices can make your daily tasks simpler and boost energy levels. Your workspace design has more influence on your job than you may think. Placing items strategically and using them in the correct form can reduce unnecessary straining as well as reduce the time it takes to perform certain tasks. As far as boosting energy levels, implementing quick breaks throughout your day for stretching and movement can go a long way.


Improve Office Morale:

Usually, an office free of MSD’s is a happy office. Ergonomic practices aim to reduce injury but also tailor tasks to each individual. Employees are able to arrange their workspace and use ergonomic practices that best suit their needs. Employees may feel liberated from daily aches and pains, creating a well-rounded office environment.


Ergo Works® in Palo Alto, CA is your ergonomic expert. Whether you need a workstation evaluation, workshop training or on-site installation, contact us. We can help you create a safe and healthy work environment. Our team was developed to combat ergonomic concerns among heavy computer users. Schedule any of our three levels of Ergonomic Evaluations to begin your ergonomic health journey.