How to Make Ergonomic Corrections in Your Office February 28 2019

How to Make Ergonomic Corrections in Your Office

The key to ergonomic health is to listen to your body. We’re often so busy throughout the day that we forget to take a minute to evaluate our physical state. Everyone is different. An ergonomic setup that works for your coworker may be all wrong for you. If you’re struggling with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) like carpal tunnel or you feel sluggish throughout your workday, you need to make a change. There are many small adjustments that you can make with little effort. Ergo Works in Palo Alto, CA can help. Follow our tips to make a big impact on your productivity and wellbeing at work.



Start with your chair. Make sure your chair is supportive while allowing your body to maintain correct posture. Lumbar support, armrests and height are all factors to consider when choosing the correct seating. There are many alternative types of seating. Seating like the Ballo Stool by Humanscale or the Focal Upright Mogo allow you to work in a seated position. However, they don’t allow your core, legs or back to relax as fully as a traditional chair. Increase blood flow by making your muscles work a little harder.


Next, your desk has a huge impact on your ergonomic wellbeing. Preferably, you should switch up your working position as much as possible. Sit/stand desks allow you to adjust the height of your desk. This not only helps you adjust your desk to the correct height for you but also gives you more flexibility. With desks like the SIS Adjustable Single Surface Table, you’re able to ditch seated work for a healthier alternative.



There are many office accessories that can help alleviate aches and pains throughout your workday. If you are a standing worker, consider anti-fatigue mats to give your feet the support they need. Footrests, document holders and monitor arms can all make a huge impact on your workday.


Office Set Up:

There’s no point in buying high-quality desks, chairs or office accessories if you don’t set them up correctly. Make sure that your chair for seated work allows your feet to rest flat on the floor with your thighs parallel to the floor. Place supplies, documents and other items that you need on a regular basis within reach. This eliminates the possibility of sustaining an awkward posture while grabbing your highlighter or stapler. It also increases efficiency in your workflow. Your monitors should always be slightly below eye level and far enough back on your desk to allow your keyboard to be placed directly in front. While typing, your wrists should be straight with your hands slightly below elbow level.



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