Ergonomic Computer Mice March 29 2019

Ergonomic Computer Mice

Your computer mouse plays a huge roll in your ergonomic health. Ditch your traditional mouse. It forces you to twist your arm away from its neutral position. This can lead to muscle strain. Avoid repetitive strain injuries by finding the right mouse for you.



Any mouse user could benefit from switching to a vertical mouse. Instead of straining to meet the needs of a traditional mouse, use a mouse that works with your body. Vertical mice have the following benefits.

  • Allows your arm to stay in a handshake position.
  • Avoids pronation of your wrist and forearm.
  • Keeps contact minimal between your wrist and desk.
  • Overall gives relief to people who struggle with carpal tunnel.
The Evoluent Vertical Mice is a great first vertical mouse to use because it has the same grip as a regular mouse, just turned sideways.



Hands-free mice allow you to complete all of the functions of a traditional mouse without the use of your hands. There are two types of hands-free mice. The first type is made up of the main sensor that attaches to the top of your monitor and a clip to attach to the brim of your hat or visor. The second type is pedals designed to be controlled with your feet. Hands-free mice have the following benefits.

  • Alternative for people with ALS, spinal cord injuries and other special needs.
  • Gives relief to those who suffer from muscle strain or musculoskeletal disorders.
  • Programmable to fit your needs. Use hotkeys, type hands-free or use voice-activated clicking.
The SmartNav 4 EG Hands Free Mouse comes with everything you need to use your computer completely hands-free.



Mice with trackballs are similar to traditional mice but the trackball allows you to move your cursor without moving your arm.

  • Allows your arm to remain in one place reducing injuries due to repetitive motions.
  • Comfortably complete all of the functions of a traditional mouse with limited desk space.
The Kensington Expert Mouse Trackball is exceptional for comfort and productivity. It comes with a soft new wrist rest in the box.



If your mouse wire is holding you back, consider a wireless mouse.

  • Gives you the freedom to arrange your workspace that suits your ergonomic health without having to account for your mouse wire.
  • Increases mobility and smooth movement.
  • Convenient for remote work.

The Logitech Marathon Mouse M705 uses less than half the power of comparable mice, increasing battery life and compatible with both Windows and Mac.



Ergo Works in Palo Alto, CA offers all of the products listed above and more. Contact us to learn more about how to improve your ergonomic health. Our services include workstation evaluations, workshop training, office space planning and on-site installations.



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