Pebble Enterprises Portable Folding Footrest NC73675


  • Pocket-sized foot rest provides relief wherever you go.
  • Use this foot rest to sit or stand more comfortably.
  • Elevating one foot while standing helps reduce pressure and back strain.
  • Enjoy the same benefits while seated too.
  • Elevating the feet while seated aligns the back and hips and helps reduce pressure on the thighs. Great for use at home, work, on airplanes or when dining out.
  • Foot rest height measures 4 inches(10cm). Folds to a compact 8-1/2in x 4in x 3/4in (22cm x 10cm x 19mm), and can be slipped into a purse or large pocket. Perfect for travel
  • Color: black

If your feet don’t touch the floor - or even if they do - the 4-inch lift from this portable folding footrest will put your body in perfect alignment, easing lower back strain and making you more comfortable. ABS plastic with metal brackets.