The PC Gamer's Guide to Ergonomics February 23 2018

The PC Gamer's Guide to Ergonomics

Here at AskErgoWorks, we’re already known for providing safe and healthy office equipment alternatives for those that work in an office environment, oftentimes at a computer screen for long periods of time. But we’re equally concerned with any individual that spends extended periods of time sitting and gazing at a screen. PC gamers will often spend an incredible amount of time playing games on a computer screen and not necessarily consider that they may be negatively affecting their health. But doing any repetitive motion can take its toll! Let’s go over some basic gaming equipment that could be improved by going ergonomic:


A Quality Gaming Chair


Poor seating and posture will not only restrict your movement but can also cause strain on your neck, shoulders, and back. When you choose a high-quality ergonomic gaming chair, you will get the support you need for your back and it will encourage you to sit in the proper posture for your spine. Sitting in the right posture shouldn’t feel like a chore, it should be naturally comfortable for you. The proper chair can encourage the right posture as well as keep you comfortable and gaming for hours on end.


Proper Circulation


Anyone that remains in a seated position for a long period of time and doesn’t move any major muscle groups will begin to suffer from poor circulation. Over time, poor circulation due to sitting can lead to cardiovascular disease. A footrest can encourage greater circulation to the feet during sitting and can also improve posture.


Eye Strain


Keeping your eyes focused on a computer screen can cause strain on the eyes. If you find yourself experiencing blurred vision, headaches, nearsightedness, or other vision related problems, it may be because of too much time spent staring at a screen. It’s important to remember that a screen emits light at you as you look at it, and your eyes spend extra energy to focus on these lights. Try adjusting the distance and height of your screen with an adjustable monitor arm or adding a glare screen. Always remember to take frequent breaks!


Hands, Arms, and Wrists


These are the most obvious, but also the most important. Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) most commonly occur in these areas of the body when it comes to gamers. You should absolutely consider picking up an ergonomic mouse and ergonomic gaming keyboard as staples to your set up. The constant use and tapping of your hands and fingers for gaming will cause minor damages on the tiny muscles and tendons used to perform those actions. These damages accrue over time and can actually result in some pretty serious musculoskeletal disorders such as tendonitis and carpal tunnel syndrome.


Just like an athlete that plays a physical game with his entire body, a video gamer must attend to the bodily tools he uses to play his game. This means you must keep your hands, finders, wrists, and other tendons used to perform the motions necessary to play your game in tip-top shape. Take your ergonomic health seriously! It can help you perform better as well as be good for your health.