New Year’s Resolutions Part 2: Small Daily Habits January 20 2019

New Year’s Resolutions Part 2: Small Daily Habits

You don’t need to make large changes in order create a more productive work environment in 2019. Implementing small daily habits can make a big difference. Replace sedentary activities with active ones. Instead of scrolling through social media, walk up a flight of stairs. Any new movement can help to combat tiredness, aches and a sedentary lifestyle.


Switch It Up:

Make time for new movements and activities. Don’t get stuck completing routine movements that use the same muscles. Learn new stretches or try a new type of workout.


Spend Less Time on Your Phone:

Instead of checking your social media profile during your breaks, get active. Replace sedentary activities with active ones. This will also give your eyes a break. Looking at screens all day can strain your eyes.


Find a New Skill or Interest:

Another way to be more active is to practice a new skill or interest. Ride a bike, learn to cook, or garden. Any activity that gets you up from your desk, using new muscles and moving in new ways.


Take the Stairs:

Even if you don’t need to leave your floor, walk or run up and down your office stairs. This is an easy way to get in more steps and increase blood flow. Try it out the next time you have a slump in your work day. It can give you energy and help you be more productive for the rest of the day.



Take a break to clear your mind. A few minutes can reduce stress and improve focus. This is also a good way to be mindful of how your body is feeling. Any aches and pains can tell a lot about your ergonomic risk factors.


Be Active on Breaks:

Use your breaks to add movement into your day. Stand up, take a walk, do some stretches. Anything to get your blood flowing and break a sedentary cycle.


Complete a Physical Challenge:

Motivate yourself to get active throughout your workday by completing a physical challenge. Think outside of the box. Walk for 30 minutes every day, start a sit-up challenge or join a recreational sports team.


Take Stretch Breaks:

You can stretch any time and place during your work day. Take a minute after your respond to an email or five minutes on your walk back from the water station. You can even stretch while seated at your desk. The important thing is that you do it.


Walk More:

Incorporate walking into your everyday tasks. Walk across the office to ask a coworker a question, take client calls walking around the block or use the stairs instead of the elevator. All of these little walks can make a big difference.


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