How to Choose the Right Keyboard February 20 2019

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Computer work is widely distributed among many job types and hobbies. Accountants, programmers and game enthusiasts all use computer accessories differently. That’s why the type of keyboard you choose is an important decision. Your keyboard affects not only your productivity but also your ergonomic health. You don’t want to be typing on a keyboard that encourages you to perform awkward movements all day over and over again. Ergo Works in Palo Alto, CA has a range of keyboards to suit your unique needs. Learn below which keyboard is best for you.




Extreme keyboards range from gaming joysticks to programmable control panels. These keyboards will help gamers and heavy computer users alike. With an array of programmable keys, you have room to setup helpful hotkeys for repetitive tasks. Keyboards like the Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge Split Keyboard will take your game and work life to the next level. In addition, programming shortcuts limit repetitive motion and awkward postures which are two main ergonomic risk factors.




For the worker on the go, compact keyboards provide the convenience you need while traveling. Typing on a laptop is never a good idea. It promotes trapezius and shoulder strain because of the small surface area. You don’t need to sacrifice your ergonomic health while working remotely. Slim and sleek, mini keyboards will easily fit into your carry on. You can optimize your comfort even more with the Goldtouch Go!2 Mobile Keyboard. It slants vertically 0 – 30 degrees so you can personalize your keyboard experience.




Natural keyboards are curved to conform to the shape of your fingers. They allow your wrist to rest in a neutral position which is necessary in order to avoid musculoskeletal disorders like tendinitis. Remove physical stress from everyday typing activities with a curved keyboard.




Split keyboards are either fixed or adjustable. A fixed split is still connected like a traditional keyboard, just angled and more spread out. An adjustable split keyboard is usually made of two separate pieces that you can place as close or far away from each other as you need. Both types reduce shoulder and wrist strain, neck tension and limit carpal tunnel symptoms.




Adjust your workspace to fit your unique needs without being constrained to the length of keyboard wires. The Matias Wireless Aluminum Keyboard lets you switch among four Bluetooth devices. Whether you need to use mac, windows, smartphones or all three, wireless is the right choice for you.



Numeric Keypads

Make working with numbers a whole lot easier. Don’t sacrifice efficiency when entering data, doing calculations or working in excel. All of the essential keys are easily accessible, lowering your chances of straining your body through awkward postures.


Ergo Works in Palo Alto, CA offers a variety of keyboards, ergonomic services and computer accessories. Take a look at our shop to find the right keyboard for you or Contact us to learn more about our services. If you’re unsure how to correctly set up your work space, we offer workstation evaluations, office space planning and ergonomic workshop training.


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