Ergonomics for Lefties April 28 2017

Ergonomics for Lefties

At least 15% and possibly as much as 25% of the population is left handed, and yet lefties still often have a hard time finding suitable office supplies to accommodate left-side dominance. However, AskErgoWorks offers a variety of ergonomic products for left handed people to help customize their workstation for maximum comfort and ergonomic health.


The Mouse


Gone are the days where you would just switch your mouse to the left side of your desktop and call it a day. When selecting a mouse as a left-handed person, it’s important to look for a contour that fits the left hand comfortably. If you’re a business owner looking to buy in bulk for your office, find a symmetrical design that could suit both left and right-handed users.


Alternative input devices include:


Track BallTrack Balls

Can be used ambidextrously and also reduce the risk of carpal tunnel syndrome or other related repetitive stress injuries in the hands.








Touch PadTouch Pad

Touch pads can be used with either hand and can be placed centered or on either side of the desktop.







The Keyboard


This particular device should be designed for a left-handed person to use easily.


Some options include:


Left-handed KeyboardLeft-Handed Keyboard

Places the numeric keypad and control keys on the left hand side.





Split keyboardSplit Keyboard

A sectional or split keyboard allows flexibility with its arrangement to allow for correct typing posture for the hands and wrists. You can also choose to place the numeric keypad on the left hand side.



The Workstation


Arrange your workstation in such a way that your most used items such as your work phone, stapler, reference documents, or pens are on the left side of your desk. The same ergonomic principles apply in terms of reaching distance and maintaining posture during reaching, so make sure these items are easily accessible and within arm’s reach. By tailoring your workstation to accommodate your dominant side, you will be more comfortable throughout the day and experience less repetitive stress on your limbs.



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