At-Home Gaming Recommendations August 06 2020

At-Home Gaming Recommendations

Since we’ve all had to spend more time at home in the last few months, you might have picked up an old hobby. Gamers know that an at-home gaming setup can be the difference between hours of relaxation and hours of frustration. Your ergonomic health while gaming is just as important as it while working from home. If you’ve picked up gaming tin the past few months and you haven’t quite figured out the best gaming setup for you, keep reading. Ergo Works has all of the gear and accessories you need for your next gaming session.



Start by making sure you’re seated in the correct ergonomic posture. The correct chair can help you achieve this easily.

  • The seat height should allow you to keep your hips in line with your knees with your feet resting flat against the floor.

  • Your chair should support the natural curve of your back with plenty of lumbar support for your low back.

  • Keep your chest lifted and shoulders back. Make sure you’re able to relax your shoulders and neck in this position to avoid neck strain.

  • Lift your head up and back so it stays in line with your shoulder and back.

Our gaming chair recommendation is the Freedom Chair with Headrest. The counterbalance recline mechanism provides the right amount of support through the full range of motion, perfect for keeping the correct ergonomic seated position while gaming.

Consider choosing an ergonomic mouse that supports your hand and wrist in a relaxed position. The right mouse can help you avoid unnecessary strain. If you’re looking for a mouse with traditional functions, we recommend the Evoluent Vertical Mice. We also offer a head tracking device if you’d like to go hands-free.

Looking at screens for hours can cause eye strain due to blue light. Gaming glasses like the Gunnar Technology Eyewear Trooper are adjustable to fit your face, block blue light and 100% UV light and comfortably integrates with headphones.

Your wrists and forearms should be parallel to the floor and free of tension. Choose a keyboard that can support your ergonomic health. We recommend a split keyboard with an adjustable lift kit like the Kinesis Lift Kit AC910. The Lift Kit positions your hands and arms in a relaxed posture so you can play longer and helps prevent injury. We also offer joystick and jog & shuttle controls to help you further customize your gaming experience.

Ergo Works, Inc. is your ergonomic expert and our team of experienced professionals is here to help you. Gaming is a great hobby to help you relax from a day working from home. However, your ergonomic health is just as important after work hours. We hope our recommendations help you enjoy hours of gaming injury-free. In addition to gaming accessories, our online store has Workstation Accessories that can transform your work from home space into a productive and healthy workstation. Contact us to learn more about our ergonomic services.
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