Kinesis Lift Kit AC910 (compatible with KB975 Keyboard)


  • Compatible with freestyle edge keyboard (keyboard not included)
  • 3 adjustable tenting angles of 5˚, 10˚, and 15˚ (palm supports required)
  • Highly stable platform with no bounce
  • Quickly adjust between levels without detaching the lift kit
  • Lift kit offers incredible comfort for maximum performance and stamina
  • Dimensions: 9 x 2 x 0.25 inches


Attach the Lift Kit to your Freestyle Edge to “tent” the keyboard 5˚, 10˚, or 15˚. Tenting the keyboard puts your wrists in a more natural position which reduces hand and arm strain. Use the Lift Kit for maximum comfort during extended gaming sessions. Improved comfort means fewer breaks and quicker reflexes. *Lift Kit requires the use of the detachable Palm Supports.

The lift kit enables adjustable tenting of your Freestyle Edge split keyboard for maximum comfort and stamina. Attach the Lift Kit’s two “v-lifters” and choose from 3 tenting angles (5˚, 10˚, and 15˚) to suit your gaming preferences. You’ll never want to use a flat keyboard again.

 Why Tent?

Tenting is the elevation of the center of a split keyboard to raise the thumb-side of your hands. Traditional keyboards force you to type with your palms facing down towards the desk. This posture increases pressure on the forearm muscles and surrounding tissues which causes fatigue, slows reflexes, and can even lead to serious injury. The Lift Kit positions your hands and arms in a relaxed posture, so you can play longer and take fewer breaks.

 Adjusting Tenting Angle

You can quickly move between all 3 tenting angles without detaching the Lift Kit from the keyboard. Each v-lifter has two hinged legs which, when unsnapped, can lie flat to provide 5˚ tenting. For higher tenting. For higher tenting, snap the legs together to form a rigid “v”. then swivel the legs in the 10˚ tenting or swivel them out 15˚ tenting.

Lift Kit AC910 is for the Kinesis Gaming Freestyle Edge Split Keyboard (keyboard sold separately)