Workrite Split Pad 27" Combo Platform (UB-485-25)



  • Ultra-thin keyboard tray with foam-filled wrist rests
  • Ultra-thin phenolic surface on product is designed for durability
  • This platform includes Optimizer document holder and cable management system
  • Single surface platform easily accommodates left or right handed users
  • Removable 2 piece memory foam palm support


Product provides keyboard and mouse platform with continuous palm support. Separate keyboard and mouse palm supports can be removed. Further customization is available as the mouse area can be configured on the right or left of the platform. This platform type is ideal for those who prefer a continuous platform with no moving parts and extreme rigidity for both mouse and keyboard support.

All palm supports are upholstered with LeatheRite, providing the feel of soft glove leather and the durability of synthetic fiber. Its hypoallergenic, breathable micro porous structure dissipates heat in warm weather and retains it in cold weather. The neutral wrist position supported by this product is the key to comfort.

Lastly, in this model, the ¼" Ultra-Thin phenolic surface minimizes the distance between the forearm and thigh, providing a greater range of ergonomic fit.