Bakker Elkhuizen Trapezium Ergo Wrist Rest Standard BNETWRS


The Trapezium Wrist Rest Standard is especially designed for full-size keyboards and provides natural support for your wrists and hands.

This wrist rest has the right thickness, aiming at bringing the wrist to the same height as current keyboards.

"The top of this wrist rest has an antibacterial layer. This ensures optimal hygiene and keeps undesired smells from lingering.

The Trapezium Wrist Rest Standard lowers muscle tension in the arm and shoulder, thereby increasing comfort. This wrist rest helps you keep your wrists in a straight position when typing, and can be used to take a break in-between."
  • Unique design: Trapezium form follows the natural arm and wrist position
  • Hygienic: antibacterial technology
  • Comfortable: soft and firm cushioning gel supports wrists