SpaceCo Wave Light



Wave Light I and II provide all the desirable features of LED light without any of the drawbacks: Conventional LED task lights often create an inadequate field of illumination, glare, light pooling, high contrast illumination ratios and/or multiple shadows. Wave Light technology eliminates these shortcomings by providing a color temperature in the ideal range as well as a three stage dimmer for adjusting illumination to the desired level.


Wave Light Specifications: 

  • Integrated ambient sensor
  • Energy-efficient high performance LED lighting
  • 120 LEDs
  • Projected lift in excess of 50,000 hours
  • Luminous efficacy: 53 lm/w
  • Peak illumination: 80 fc
  • Area of LED illumination greater than 24”/609.6 mm in diameter
  • Color temperature: 3800 K
  • Color Rendering Index (CRI): 70
  • Patented refractive lens eliminates light pooling and minimizes shadows
  • Standard Wave Light 20.5”/520.7 mm base to pivot
  • Short Wave Light 18”/457.2 mm base to pivot
  • Dimmer dial with seven levels of illumination:
    • High watt = 9.3
    • Low watt = 1.5