Adjustable Side Mount Mouse Bridge, SMB-OP



  • Adjustable screw legs allow variable heights
  • Designed to cover numeric portion of the keyboard
  • Ideal for those who seldom use the numeric keypad
  • This Optical Mouse Bridge is designed to work with an Optical Mouse
  • Dimensions: 6" wide x.75" tall x 8" deep
  • Color: black

Mouse Bridge covers the numeric keypad portion of the keyboard to bring the mouse more in line with the body. No more reaching for the mouse. Ideal for all mousing\applications, especially with infrequent numeric keypad use.

    Directions for Use:

    1. Remove the two screws and two bumpers from the bag.

    2. Position the Mouse Bridge so the screws are on the far right side of the keyboard over the numeric keypad; as close to the edge as possible. Find a clear space so you can place the two bumpers without interference. (Bumpers are placed on the underside opposite the side that takes the screws.)

    3. Remove the backing from the bumpers and affix the bumpers to the underside of the Mouse Bridge.

    4. Install a single small screw at the right front of the Mouse Bridge

    5. Install a single large screw at the right back of the Mouse Bridge.

    Rotate both screws so the Mouse Bridge is stable on the desk work surface.

    Note 1: You can also place the Mouse Bridge on the left side of the keyboard to suit a left handed operator. The screws will need to be reversed for this set-up.
    Note 2: If your keyboard design is such that the Mouse Bridge is too high at the front, remove the small screw in the front and allow the Mouse Bridge to rest upon the bumper portion.
    Note 3: If a negative angle is required to suit the keyboard, reverse the screw locations such that the large screw is in the front & the small screw is in the back.