Secure Cord Cable Management for Carpets



  • Manage loose cables on carpet to reduce the risk of trips in the workplace or easily tidy up unsightly cords along walls and doorways.
  • Clever design makes it the lowest profile cord cover of its type and its 'cut to length' flexibility means no job is too big or small - Just Measure, Cut and Secure.
  • For use in Offices, Schools, Stages, Trade Shows, Government Buildings, Church Halls, Hospitals, Homes - anywhere where cables and carpet meet!  
  • 4" / 100mm wide
  • Tough 100% Nylon cover
  • Handy dispenser carton - Cut to any length required
  • Available in two sizes:  82ft / 25m & 16.5ft / 5m 
  • Available in Yellow (highlights cords) or Black (hides them)
  • Re-Usable & Washable
  • For use on any loop carpet

Installation Instructions as easy as 1-2-3:

The hooks on the underside of Secure Cord grip the carpet to secure in place. The void along the middle of Secure Cord allows enough room for 3-4 cords, depending on thickness.  

#1: Pull enough Secure Cord from the dispenser carton to cover the length of your cables.

#2: Cut Secure Cord with scissors.

#3: Lay Secure Cord over your cords and run your hands along the edges to fix in place.