RSI Guard Software Stretch Edition v5.0


  • RSIGuard understands how people use their computers and provides tools that offer personalized recommendations and shortcuts for multiple monitor setup
  • Includes quick setup guides and reminders for shared workspaces, unassigned spaces and non-office environments 
  • Includes Break Timer, Ergo Coach, Forget Me Nots, Data Logger & Auto Click & Key Controls
  • Reduce computer users’ exposure to strain
  • Gain insight into users’ work patterns
  • Specifications: Windows XP and Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Apple Mac OS10.6+

Remedy Interactive’s RSIGuard is an award-winning desktop ergonomic software solution that reduces the impact of repetitive strain injuries (RSI) for computer users. Around the globe, health and safety managers, ergonomists, health practitioners, and individual computer users rely on RSIGuard comprehensive set of tools to proactively identify risks of repetitive strain injuries early, reduce the risk of injuries and increase injury prevention program efficiency.

Version 5.0 includes the introduction of ErgoCoach®, which focuses on improving health and productivity for those who work in increasingly varied work environments – from hot desks to sit-stand desks to kitchen tables – by offering a unique combination of proprietary analytics and best practices to deliver personalized coaching on healthy behaviors.