Rollermouse GO Wireless



  •  Wireless Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.1, 2.4G USB-A receiver, and USB-C to USB-A cord
  • Compatibility: Fully compatible with Windows and OSX operating systems
  • Battery Life: Built-in Lithium Rechargeable 2000 mAh battery lasting up to 3 months per charge
  • Customization: 5 buttons including a scroll wheel, with adjustable click resistance and volume
  • Precision: Adjustable cursor speed with 10 levels from 600 to 4000 DPI
  • Dimensions: 12"W x 2.2"D x .9"H
  • Warranty: 2 years

Sustainable Design:

The RollerMouse GO uses 29% pre-consumer recycled aluminum, while the Go Dock utilizes 100% post-consumer recycled plastic, affirming our commitment to environmental responsibility. By choosing RollerMouse GO, you contribute to a more sustainable future by reducing the demand for new aluminum and plastic.

Ultimate Comfort and Protection:

The RollerMouse GO comes with a black cover that not only provides excellent wrist support but also doubles as wrap-around protection during transport, making it the perfect travel companion. Enhance your setup with the Go Dock for an expanded and optimized ergonomic experience.


In the Box:

  • RollerMouse GO
  • Protective Cover
  • Keyboard Risers in Rubber
  • Product Manual
  • USB-C to USB-A Charging Cable
  • USB-A Receiver

Buy and bundle with Balance Keyboard for a seamless integration into any workspace.

The RollerMouse GO brings Contour’s celebrated central mouse design into a portable format that doesn’t sacrifice functionality. Experience effortless cursor navigation with the unique Rollerbar, designed to keep your hands in a natural, relaxed position. This compact and wireless device is perfect for transitioning between home, office, or travel environments.