RollerMouse Ergo w/ Antibacterial Wrist Rest, CDRMERGO20110



  • Controlled by a fully open rollerbar, which encourages the use of both hands
  • Antibacterial wrist rest & memory foam; reduces spread and growth of bacteria
  • Wrist rest durability - withstands higher alcohol-based cleansers
  • Expanded DPI levels up to 4000 DPI (cursor sensitivity; enables faster cursor speed)
  • Keyboard risers making it possible to customize keyboard height and angle to ensure optimal comfort and working position
  • PCR (post-consumer recycled) aluminum and Vegan Black leather (more sustainable materials)
  • Color: Black
  • Dimensions with Palm Support: 16.15"W x 3.9" D x .95" H


  • Wired with USB Port
  • Operating System: Windows and OSX
  • Plug n’ Play
  • Cursor Speed (DPI): 10 levels (600 - 4000 DPI)
  • Click resistance: 5 levels
  • 6 programmable buttons
  • Functions include: Rollerbar, Cursor speed, Copy, Paste, Left-click, Right-Click, Scroll Wheel, and ‘One Touch’ Double Click

RollerMouse Ergo stands out as an exceptional ergonomic mouse offering precise cursor control and posture variation, making it the perfect companion for extended hours spent working in front of your computer.

The unique texture on the Rollerbar enables effortless cursor control without the need for gripping or squeezing. The wrist rest is made of vegan leather with an anti-bacterial surface and memory foam that contours to the user’s hand for maximized comfort and a healthier workspace. RollerMouse Ergo is made of recycled aluminum, reducing our collective carbon footprint in new products. It also allows you to tailor the mouse sensitivity with up to 4000 DPI.

Add the integrated arm support to provide the ultimate upper body support for maintaining a neutral typing and mousing position in a standing or sitting position. To further enhance the ergonomic advantages, we recommend pairing the RollerMouse Ergo with a Balance Keyboard and its three-way adjustable tilt, allowing you to maximize your comfort and well-being while working.