Rockstick 2 Mice, Wired & Wireless and Ambidextrous



  • The only ergonomic ambidextrous mouse that you click with your hand instead of fingers alone
  • The unique design of the Rockstick mouse allows users to rest fingers on the handle without preparation to click, all fingers remain relaxed and supported at all times.
  • Ambidextrous design reduces work load for both hands
  • Freedom from repetitive finger-clicking
  • Upright comfortable grip
  • Reduces Wrist and forearm Pronation: The concave depression on the thumb side of the mouse combined with the downward slope towards the mouse towards the fifth finger positions the hand at a 60° angle off the horizontal.
  • Reduces friction between little Finger and Desk Surface: The Ergo-Grip design with detachable ledge keeps the underside of the little finger and palm off the surface of the desk.
  • Adjustable laser sensor
  • Available in two sizes for best fit
  • Size: Two sizes for the best fit

    To determine size of mouse for best fit, measure the palm from the base to the top of the pointer finger as the right side picture..

    Small/ Medium Size:
    Recommended: 2.75-3.75 inch (7.0-9.5cm);

    Large Size:
    Recommended: 3.75-4.75 inch (9.5-12.0cm)