Rear Mouse Bridge, RMB-OP




    • Rear adjustable legs raise the mouse bridge for clearance of higher keyboards or where keyboard cable is located at right rear
    • Adjustable legs accommodate the tilt angle of various keyboards
    • Designed to cover numeric portion of the keyboard
    • This Optical Mouse Bridge is designed to work with an Optical Mouse
    • Ideal for those who seldom use the numeric keypad
    • Dimensions:
      7 1/2" wide
      8 1/2" deep
      1 3/4" - 2 1/2" (height front)
      2" - 2 3/4" (height rear) 
    • Color: black

    Mouse Bridge covers the numeric keypad portion of the keyboard to bring the mouse more in line with the body. No more reaching for the mouse. Ideal for all mousing applications, especially with infrequent numeric keypad use.


        Directions for Use:

        1. Position the Mouse Bridge on the right side of the keyboard to cover the numerical keys.

        2. Remove the two screws from the bag and rotate them into the two holes on the back of the Mouse Bridge.

        3. The side of the Mouse Bridge with the screws should be placed behind the keyboard. The screws can be adjusted to suit the keyboard height.