Neutral Posture StandUp Workstation SUP04


  • Creates Sit to Stand workstation in seconds
  • Retrofits to a variety of standard keyboard trays and mechanisms
  • Accommodates from the 5th Percentile to 95th Percentile
  • Provides Height Range of 12 inches from 24" to 44"
  • Holdsup to 150 lbs.
  • Retrofits to keyboard tray with easy bolt hole pattern
  • Less expensive that adjustable workstations
  • Easy to use 12" scissor lift
  • 1" profile
  • Instantly adjustable
  • Provides significant height range

Easily convert your old keyboard tray into a sit-stand tray with the StandUp Tray from Neutral Posture. This unit will allow you to adjust the tray height12 inches. Creates a sit/stand station in minutes. Please note this is a retrofit unit and does not come with a tray.