Matias Half Keyboard USB for PC or MAC HK101



  • The ultra-compact Half Keyboard is a one-handed version of the standard desktop keyboard with full-size, high-quality laptop-style keys for excellent typing comfort and speed
  • The Half Keyboard's sleek, minimal design makes a great addition to your regular keyboard, or a really cool replacement that uses very little desk space
  • Type while talking on the phone
  • Easier text editing – Scroll, select text, type corrections, or make deletions, without moving your hand back and forth between keyboard and mouse
  • Hold documents in one hand and type them in with the other hand
  • Users of Desktop Publishing, CAD, Photoshop and other graphics software can change tools and issue commands on the Half Keyboard, without taking their hand off the mouse or stylus
  • One hand incapacitated? Type with the other! A Half Keyboard is ideal for someone with a hand injury or disability
  • USB port compatible with PC or Mac
  • Dimensions: 5.75" x 3.15" x 0.71"
  • Color: Black


The revolutionary Half Keyboard allows one-handed touch-typing using your existing skills. Ultra-compact design with full-keyboard functionality, for your Mac or Windows PC.