Humanscale Liberty Task Chair


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  • Self-Adjusting Recline:
Intelligent counterbalance recline mechanism automatically provides the right amount of support through the full range of recline motion, regardless of user size and weight
No tension springs to adjust
No recline locks to set/release
During recline, the angle between torso and legs opens for better body function
User maintains near constant eye level during recline
  •  Pivoting Backrest
    Extra motion of the backrest during recline automatically adjusts to the changing needs of the spine
    Provides additional lumbar support as needed
    •  Form-Sensing Mesh Back
      Tri-panel, non-stretch mesh construction creates body-fitting contours and self-adjusting lumbar support for a customized fit
      No external lumbar devices to adjust, break or lose
      Low-abrasion mesh protects clothing
      Modular for easy replacement

      • Contoured Seat Cushion
      Carefully sculpted to match body contours
      Increased contact area reduces pressure points
      Modular for easy replacement


      • Adjustable Height Armrests

      Adjustable armrests connect to the backrest instead of the seat, so they stay with the body during recline

      • Body Fit
      Size-adjustable to fit more than 95% of the population
      Automatic adjustments - Weight-sensitive recline. Form-sensing lumbar support. Manual adjustments. Optional height-adjustable armrests. Seat height. Seat depth.


      • Casters
      75 mm (3") dual-surface casters roll easily on carpeted floors and quietly on hard floors
      Effortless Recline - Liberty’s intelligent mechanism-free recline uses the laws of physics and the sitter’s weight to automatically provide the perfect amount of support through the full range of recline. Without manual controls to adjust, the user can change postures effortlessly throughout the day.
      Custom Fit - Liberty’s mesh back is formed by combining three panels of non-stretch mesh material in the same way a tailor combines multiple pieces of fabric to create a shirt. Its contours are made to custom fit and support each individual sitter throughout the day.

      Encourages Movement - Liberty was engineered to automatically adjust to whoever sits in it, instantly accommodating each user regardless of size and weight. Because it has no manual adjustments and features Humanscale’s weight-sensitive recline, the user can move easily and without restrictions.



      • Chair width: 26.5” Wide with Arms – 21” wide without arms
      • Base Size: 25”
      • Seat Height Range: 16.5” to 34.2”
      • Recline Range: 18° recline + 8° backrest tilt
      • Weight: 34 lbs. with arms – 30 lbs. without arms
      • Fabric options: Monofilament Stripe Black Backrest, Corde 4 Black seat OR Monofilament Stripe Black Backrest, Fourtis Black seat
      • Warranty: 15 years
      • LEAD TIME: 7 to 10 working days

      Humanscale Liberty Task chair is an intelligent mesh task chair engineered to provide automatic lumbar support for every user, as well offering simplicity and complete ease of use. Liberty was designed to offer a unique, minimal aesthetic and to provide custom comfort for every person who sits in it. Like Humanscale’s Diffrient Smart and Diffrient World chairs, Liberty uses Humanscale’s revolutionary Form-Sensing Mesh Technology and mechanism-free recline for perfect support and unprecedented comfort.

      With a minimal aesthetic that complements any space, the Liberty chair is the ideal seating solution for the modern work environment. With advanced features, including automatic, weight-sensitive recline, arm rests that are attached to the back of the chair for constant support and an innovative tri-panel mesh backrest, Liberty combines performance, simplicity, and beauty. With fewer parts than traditional task chairs, Liberty is a timeless and environmentally friendly design.

      Liberty, with Form-Sensing Mesh Technology, is unlike any mesh chair you’ve seen or experienced. With its tri-panel construction, Liberty has the body-fitting contours that single-panel stretch mesh chairs simply can’t achieve. And it offers perfect recline and lumbar support for everyone, without external devices or manual adjustments. Ideal for the active workspace, Liberty promotes balanced movement throughout the day.

      Liberty’s automatic fit and ease of use make it the perfect choice for conference room seating, where every occupant will feel comfortable and supported without having to worry about adjustments.

      Office Seating - Liberty’s mesh back is formed by combining three panels of low-stretch mesh in the same way a tailor combines multiple pieces of material to form a shirt. So, its contours are custom-made to both fit and support the human body in unprecedented comfort. Liberty has set a new bar for performance, simplicity, elegance, and comfort.

      Humanscale is the leading designer and manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic products that improve the health and comfort of work life. Their award-winning office solutions – including self-adjusting seating, sit/stand desks, monitor arms and task lighting – inspire movement and support the user in their every posture.