Lap Desk, LMTT



  • WORK FROM HOME: The perfect lap desk so you can get work done from the comfort of your bed or couch! The lap tray allows you to use your laptop or a full size keyboard and mouse.
  • Portable desk that goes wherever you want to go.
  • Designed to help you get work done from the comfort of your bed, couch, or chair.
  • The large, sturdy surface is ideal for crafts, writing, eating reading or working.   
  • Perfect for remote workers, students, and those unable to work form a traditional desk
  • Cushioned underside conforms to your lap and prevents sliding.
  • Smooth, flat surface allows for proper laptop ventilation, as recommended by laptop manufacturers.
  • Ample width allows for left and right side mouse use while using a full size keyboard
  • Dimensions: 27”W x 12” D
  • Color: Black