Kinesis V3 Pro Lifters For Freestyle Pro Keyboard - AC930


  • V3 Pro Components: Left and Right v-Lifters
  • Compatibility

Not compatible with Palm Supports

Not compatible with the Freestyle2 keyboard

Freestyle Pro keyboard sold separately

  • Dimensions: Attached to Freestyle Pro keyboard

Max height at 15 degrees slope: 2.75 inches

Max height at 10 degrees slope: 2 inches

Max height at 5 degrees slope: 1.5 inches

Depth (front-to-back): 7.125 inches

  • Accessory only

Weight: 0.17 lbs

Shipping Weight: 1 lb

    Attach the V3 Pro Lifters to your Freestyle Pro Keyboard to “tent” the keyboard 5˚, 10˚, or 15˚. Tenting the keyboard puts your wrists in a more natural position which reduces hand and arm strain. Use the V3 Pro for maximum comfort during extended gaming sessions when desk space is at a premium. Improved comfort means fewer breaks and quicker reflexes.


    AC930 is for the Kinesis Freestyle Pro Split Keyboard KB900