Kinesis Freestyle Pro Premium Palm Pads Accessory Kit AC900


  • 3/8″ thick cushioned foam to minimize pressure on palm area
  • Non-porous, sweat resistant and hand-washable
  • Easy to install on existing palm supports via included double-sided velcro tabs


The Freestyle Pro Premium Palm Pads are designed to fit the optional plastic palm supports that are available for the Freestyle Pro keyboard. The 3/8″ thick pads feature a layer of cushioning foam for extra comfort when using a Freestyle keyboard and are wrapped in a soft leather-like surface that is non-porous, sweat resistant and hand-washable for maximum comfort, performance, and durability. Included with each set of pads are double-sided velcro tabs for mounting the pads to the Freestyle Pro Palm Support or those included as part of the the Freestyle VIP3 Pro Accessory Kit.

The Freestyle Pro Premium Palm Pads are the same pads that come with the Freestyle Edge RGB and as such can be purchased to replace worn out pads. They can also be used to upgrade the palm supports included with the original Freestyle Edge (blue backlighting model).

Those who have the Freestyle2 Keyboards can also install these pads but they are slightly thicker than the Freestyle2 Palm Pads. While the Freestyle Pro Premium Palm Pads will still fit the Freestyle2 Palm Supports the pads will extend all the way up to the tops of the keys.

Note: Installation of the Freestyle Pro Premium Palm Pads requires that the keyboard either already be equipped with Palm Support Accessories or a compatible accessory that includes palm supports must be purchased.