Humanscale Keyboard Arm with Standard Platform


 Keyboard Arm:

    • Humanscale 5G mechanism provides 6.25" of height adjustment: 1.25" above track to 5" below track
    • Humanscale 6G arm mechanism provides 7" of height adjustment: 1.75" above track to 5.25" below track
    • The Humanscale Keyboard tray offers the state-of-the-art easy dial-a-tilt and height adjustability with the strongest arm on the market.



    • Includes the Standard ultra thinplatform which measures 19"W x 10.625"D x .25" thick with a 19" W gel wrist rest with a synthetic leather cover.


    Mouse Swivel

    • 11 - 8" Swivel Mouse
    • 12 - 10" Swivel Mouse
    • 81 - M2 Mouse
    • 90  - 9" Clip Mouse*
    • 90H - 9" Clip Mouse High*
    • 91 - 10" Clip Mouse*
    • 91H - 10" Clip Mouse High*


    * Includes a  roundclip mouse surface -a mousing platform that lets users adjust their mousing position in all three dimensions for maximum comfort. With height, depth, lateral and tilt adjustability, it can be positioned where it’s needed for truly custom support. It can also be easily moved from one side of the keyboard to the other for left- or right-handed use.