Hippus HandShoe Mice, Wired & Wireless


      • Free Freight
      • Provides full support of the hand and wrist.
      • No friction between the skin of your hand and the desktop
      • Two button mouse with scroll wheel (Large version 3 buttons)
      • Plug & Play - no special software drivers for Mac or PC are needed
      • Blue Ray Track technology makes it work on almost every surface without a mouse mat.
      • No performance degradation due to dirt buildup like "ball" style mechanisms.
      • Wired and wireless version
      • USB cable length: 6'-4"
      • Color: black
      • Available in three sizes for the right hand. Measure hand from the first crease in the wrist to the end of the ring finger with the hand in a stretched position.
        Small = 6 3/4" or Smaller
        Medium = 6 3/4" - 7 1/2"
        Large = 7 1/2" or Greater

      More Information about the wireless version

      • Poll rate (Hertz) of the electronics is 113~118Hz and up to 120Hz.
      • Wireless range of the receiver is 10 m
      • Receiver / dongle is fitted with a LED light which goes on and off when operating the mouse.
      • The wireless HandShoe Mouse uses a lithium ion battery which can only be removed by professional service providers.
      • Battery life is around 2 years.
      • Operating time for the wireless version is around 4 weeks.
      • Charging of the wireless version takes around 3 hours.
      • Charging takes place by means of USB cable; The PC or laptop needs to be switched on during charging.
      • One can continue working while charging the battery; the micro receiver / dongle must be in place.


      At last a sized mouse that fits like a glove! The HandShoe Mouse is developed in close cooperation with two medical universities. The concept of the patented HandShoe Mouse is to prevent excessive gripping and pinching as well as the stretching of the fingers. The special shape allows for the hand to continuously rest on the mouse body in a relaxed fashion and thereby reducing the risk of RSI (repetitive strain injury). Available in three sizes for the right hand.


      The HandShoeMouse is like a saddle for the hand; a correctly sized mouse based on hand size.  The whole hand is relaxed, so any movement is noticed.  To switch, only a minor action of the relaxed finger is required.  The finger tips should press the switches close to the desktop to enable easy switching.  To click at a higher point on a switch will require more force.  You should NOT press the switches with lifted and bent finger.