Hippus HandShoe Mouse




  • Extremely low force right and left click with scroll wheel
  • Contoured design enables user to mouse with minimal strain
  • Angled body reduces arm pronation
  • High DPI Blu ray optical sensor for precise movements
  • Plug and Play USB connectivity / Battery charges while plugged in via USB cable
  • Available in wired and wireless versions
  • Fits a variety of hand sizes


To maximize the advantages of the HandShoe mouse and experience maximum comfort, a correct fit is essential. It is imperative that you measure your hand. Measure on the inside of the stretched out hand. The distance from your wrist (the cross over between hand and arm) up to the tip of your ring finger. This length provides an indication of the required size.

  • Small: 6.7” (170mm)
  • Medium: 7.5” (190mm)
  • Large: 8.25” (210mm)



Original Wired and Wireless mouse

  • The HandShoeMouse is plug and play, no special software required to operate Mac or PC
  • Controls consist of 2 buttons and scroll wheel fitted with a switch

Wireless mouse

  • Comes with a USB A to Mini USB cable
  • DPI: 1000 DPI
  • The wireless HandShoeMouse uses a lithium ion battery
  • Poll rate (Herz) from 113 up to 120Hz.
  • Wireless range of the receiver is 10 meter
  • A separate 1500 dpi receiver / dongle is used
  • Operating time for the wireless version is 4-6 weeks without battery charge
  • Charging of the battery takes around 3 hours
  • Charging a fully depleted battery may take 6 hours
  • Battery life in excess of 4 years, depending on use
  • USB cable is provided to charge the battery
  • PC or laptop to be switched on during charging
  • Battery can be charged while using the computer or laptop
  • Dongle must be in place for communication also while charging

Optical sensor

1500 DPI "blueray"


Right and left click with scroll wheel


Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, XP, Vista, 7, Mac OS, Unix



Battery life

Approximately two years


2 years


Hours spent navigating a computer can have negative health effects like painful carpal tunnel. Luckily there are ergonomic options like the Hippus Handshoe Mouse Light Click, which features a revolutionary contoured design that fits into the hand effortlessly, helping to curtail repetitive motion injuries.

The device was actually designed for users with repetitive motion injuries, so even if you're working with strain this mouse can help slow its progress