Headrest for Remastered Herman Miller Aeron Chair


For Herman Miller chairs made since 2017

  • EXPERIENCE THE ULTIMATE UPGRADE TO YOUR HERMAN MILLER AERON - Our headrests are designed to provide you with the neck support the Aeron Chairs are missing while perfectly complimenting your Aeron in terms of quality, color, fabric and design. Find the fit for you by first selecting your height and following the prompts below to make sure you get a perfect match.
  • A PERFECT FIT –Available in 2 Sizes:

H3 – Under 5’-11” (available in Graphite, Mineral and Onyx)

H4 – 5’-11” or Taller (available in Graphite, Mineral, Onyx_

The H4 EN is our full-size headrest featuring a 20% larger pillow size. It has more adjustability than the H3, with a maximum height of 11" and a maximum forward reach of 8" allowing for full engagement in an upright sitting position. H4 is recommended for all users looking for maximum comfort and is a better fit than the H3 for individuals taller than 5’11”.

  • IMPROVE YOUR POSTURE AND YOUR PRODUCTIVITY WITH SUPERIOR ERGONOMICS - Our headrests are ergonomically designed to offer you the support you need to straighten up and be able to remain comfortable, aligned and focused throughout the day - minimizing back and neck pain while increasing productivity.
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE - Three different adjustment options allow you to fully customize your experience. The headrest "Locks" into position for catered support, but can still be adjusted easily by hand from sitting. With ergonomics in the forefront of our design, the headrest adjustments are intended to be free flowing and to flex with your body's position in order to preserve an ideal body posture.
  • 100% GUARANTEED TO INCREASE YOUR COMFORT OR YOUR MONEY BACK - No questions asked 30-day return policy. Additionally, this headrest comes with a 12-year manufacturer warranty.
  • STRONG, BUT VERSATILE - Provides reliable support that adjusts freely Up & Down, Forward & Backward, Tilt Up & Tilt Down, all from a seated position.
  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Arrives with everything you need and takes only minutes to install! Check out our Installment page for a guided installation video.


The Herman Miller Aeron Headrest for the Remastered Aeron unites the physical and mental support for the most comfortable day at your desk. It’s time to rest your head and sustain a healthy posture with ergonomic brilliance.