Goldtouch Split Wrist Rests GT7-0017



    • Keyboard wrist rests move your wrists and forearms into the proper neutral position
    • Alleviate pressure from your shoulders
    • Prevents your wrists from bending backwards
    • Provides a comfortable resting spot when you’re not typing.
    • Lycra covers on both wrist rests and mouse pads will prevent irritation caused by friction while also blending nicely with your digital ecosystem.
    • Sold as a pair
    • Color: Black
    • Dimensions: 7" length x 3" wide x 3/4" height

    Goldtouch wrists rests and mouse pads keep a low profile while still providing all of support and precision you need. Either will pair well with your ergonomic keyboard of any design or size, ensuring you the most comfortable, productive and efficient workspace possible. Experience all of the benefits of superior support and comfort with Goldtouch’s cutting edge wrist rests and mouse pads.