Goldtouch Go! Travel Laptop & Tablet Stand GTLS-0077U



  • Resin construction offers improved durability over plastic while remaining lightweight
  • Slim profile and lay-flat design minimizes bulk for storage
  • Seven height/incline positions provide customizable viewing angle
  • Wide base supports devices up to 17" wide/long

The Goldtouch Go! Travel Notebook & Tablet Stand is an ultralight, portable solution for on-the-go workers looking to adjust the viewing angle and elevation of their laptop or tablet PC. A heavy-duty resin construction supports most wireless devices, and seven angle adjustments allow for your iPad, Android tablet or notebook screen to be raised to a comfortable height and angel. This discourages 'hunching' over the device by elevating the screen off the desk and closer to eye level.

Focus on your work, not your pain: This stand will bring your screen to eye level so you can keep your shoulders and neck in alignment.

Find your perfect position: With seven different include positions available, you're sure to find the height that's right for you.

Goes where you do: The stand weighs only one pound and can slip easily into your laptop bag and fits up to a 17 inch notebook.