G-Hold Phone Holder & Stand (Charcoal) GHS001



  • Patented, award-winning ergonomic technology to protect your hands and wrists, as well as your phone.
  • Universal compatibility with all phones including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, Oppo, Huawei, Motorola, Google Pixel and most phone cases.
  • Stands in both portrait and landscape positions, ideal for video calling and media viewing.
  • Premium comfort neoprene padding for an optimum holding experience.
  • VELCRO®️ Brand specialist low-profile base with easy-release tab to adjust the position of the holder or to remove for wireless charging.
  • Rotates 360° for comfortable holding in both portrait and landscape mode.
  • Precision engineered stems slide between your fingers, providing maximum control with minimal effort and optimal comfort.
  • Velour pad also compatible with the G-Hold® Home Hang.
  • Made with care in Scotland with ergonomic and quality assurances.
  • Size: Universal
  • Color: Firewalk Charcoal

Attachment Method:

Low-profile specialist VELCRO® Brand material on the G-Hold® Comfi base contains thousands of miniature duo-direction hooks. The soft Velour pad in each pack creates a low-profile loop receiver when applied to your device or case. 


  1. Peel back the white wax paper on the back of the soft Velour pad.

  2. Place the Velour pad towards the lower end on the back of your device or case with the adhesive side of the pad facing downward (it should be black and shiny once the white paper is removed).

  3. Press the Velour pad in place from the center outwards, especially around the edge of the lemon shape. 

  4. Leave for 4 hours.

  5. Place G-Hold on top of the Velour pad.