LogicKeyboard Apple Final Cut Pro X Magic Full Size US LS-FCPX10-MGFS-US


Product Specifications

  • Compatible with Apple Final Cut Pro X
  • LogicSkin is made from the best 100% hi-grade Japanese Silicone
  • Compatible with Apple Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad
  • 0,5mm Thin, silky smooth feel
  • Soft, Flexible and yet very tough
  • Protects your Keyboard from dirt, dust and spills
  • Easy removed for cleaning
  • Stays in place - Do not slip or slide
  • Hand washable- easy to keep clean
  • Helps muffle typing noises


        Keyboard cover for Final Cut Pro X Apple Magic keyboard with numeric keypad.

        The shortcut keyboard cover for Final Cut Pro X will instantly make your life easier. With over 80 keyboard shortcuts displayed this keyboard cover can speed up your editing by as much as 50 %.

        We sent the Apple Magic Numeric keyboard to a 3D rendering company who then came back with a flawless version of our new keyboard cover for Final Cut Pro X. Not only does this cover protect your apple keyboard, it also helps your editing life.

        Compatible with:
        Apple Magic Keyboard (GEN 1) with Numeric Keypad