AutoExec Wagan Smart AC 425W Power Inverter - Compact High-Efficiency Car and Desk Power Solution


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  • 425W TrueRated Power: Ensures reliable and stable power output for consistent device performance.
  • 825W Peak Surge Capacity: Offers a boost to handle high-power-demand devices momentarily, perfect for starting up appliances with higher energy needs.
  • Dual 120V AC Outlets: Maximizes connectivity, allowing you to run multiple devices simultaneously – from laptops to personal printers.
  • High-Speed 2.1A USB Power Port: Rapidly charges USB-powered devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other portable electronics.
  • Advanced Circuit Protections: Guards against overvoltage, undervoltage, overheating, and short circuits, enhancing safety and device longevity.
  • Temperature and Load-Controlled Cooling Fan: Operates quietly and only when needed, optimizing energy use and minimizing wear.

Product Overview: The Wagan Smart AC 425W Power Inverter is the perfect addition to your mobile office or home setup. With 400W continuous power output, it supports a wide range of devices, ensuring that your electronics run smoothly and efficiently without fear of power disruption. Its compact design means it fits neatly in your vehicle or desk storage compartment, making it an unobtrusive yet powerful ally throughout your workday.


Usage Scenarios: Ideal for use in vehicles, remote work locations, or anywhere you need reliable AC power. Perfect for professionals on the go, outdoor enthusiasts, or anyone needing to convert battery power to functional AC power.


Optimize Your Productivity: Don't let power limitations hold you back. The Wagan Smart AC 425W Power Inverter delivers the power you need, when and where you need it. Stay charged, stay running, and dominate your day with unparalleled


Unlock efficient power conversion with the Wagan Smart AC 425W Power Inverter, designed to keep your essential devices powered and operational. Ideal for both vehicle and stationary setups, this compact yet robust power inverter transforms DC battery power into AC household power effortlessly. Whether it’s for professional work devices or personal electronics, maintain productivity without interruption.