Cloud Nine Ergonomic Mechanical Split-Keyboard




  • Ergonomic shape and detachable design
  • The distance between the left and right typing area can be adjusted according to typing habits and shoulder width.
  • Colorful backlit mechanical key shaft provides extremely fast response and key feedback, as well as RGB backlight effects
  • USB-C separate main cable and connecting cable, flexible and easy to disassemble
  • USB port is included for easy connection of USB devices
  • 10 physical macro buttons for easy operation
  • Macro and backlight colors and special effects can be set with the software
  • UP to 16.8 Million color adjustments.
  • Available with 3 Cherry key options
    • Cherry MX Brown: light tactile               
    • Cherry MX Red: smooth & linear
    • Cherry MX Blue: clicky


  • Product model: C989M
  • Interface: USB
  • Number of keys: 115 keys
  • Switch form: Cherry mechanical brown switch
  • Key stroke: 4.0 ± 0.5mm
  • The whole area anti-ghost key design (NKRO)
  • 1 USB 2.0 port
  • Voltage / current: DC 5V / 650 mA Max.
  • Product weight: about 1.85 kg
  • USB-C main line length: 6 feet
  • USB-C cable length: 9”
  • Product size: 563 (L) X 256 (W) X 52.5 (H) mm
  • Tactile switching characteristics
  • 55 cN operating force
  • 2.0 mm pre travel
  • 4.0 mm total travel
  • No audible click
  • Warranty period: 3 years
  • System Requirements:
  • Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • USB port (Recommended USB 3.0 for best experience)

The Cloud Nine Split Ergonomic Mechanical Keyboard is the first split RGB full sized keyboard with real cherry mx keys on the market. The keyboard was designed with the highest ergonomic standards and quality in mind. The adjustable 9” braided cable links the two sides of the keyboard allowing the end user to customize the separation of the keyboard, giving you the most customizable full sized split RGB ergonomic keyboard on the market.

From short to tall people the Cloud Nine C989M is extremely diverse in universal usability. Several types of keyboards, even ergonomic keyboards, have 5-10 degrees of positive slope from either front or to back. These types of keyboards put a lot of strain on the wrists causing pain and possibly carpal tunnel issues. THE C989M has zero degrees of slope on the exterior angles and gradually increases to 14 degrees in the middle creating a perfect slope for the most essential wrist positioning. The 9-inch cable between the two sides allows the user complete separation ranging from a small footprint to a large. This type of ergonomic design relieves ulnar deviation which can be extremely painful.