Clearsounds CSC500 Amplified Spirit Phone CS-CSC500


The ClearSounds CSC500 is an ideal single-line landline phone for people who are looking for an easy-to-use amplified telephone. By default, the CSC500 provides up to 15dB amplification. Once you press the AMPLIFY KEY, you can boost the volume of the person on the other end up to 40dB. (Note: Maximum amplification will vary depending on home's line power.) If you have mild hearing problems and uses a telecoil (T-Coil) cochlear implants, you can use them with the CSC500. ClearSounds complies with US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) for Hearing Aid Compatibility. If you're not too fond of the loud sound, you can turn on the visual ringer. The phone will automatically flash when it rings.

You can save up phone numbers in the speed dial keys. The CSC500 provides three one-touch memory keys and eight one-touch photo frame buttons.


    • Single-Line Conferencing
    • Amplification: 15dB default volume | Up to 40dB when AMPLIFY KEY is activated (max amplification varies 10~12dB depending on your home's line power)
    • Ringer Amplification: Up to 85dB
    • One-Touch Memory Keys: 3
    • One-Touch Photo Frame Buttons: 8
    • Mounting Options: Desk or wall mounted
    • Compliances: Complies with US FCC Standards for Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC)
    • Dimensions: 9.3 x 6.0 x 2.3