BackBone Thoracic Back Cushion, 7299




  • Measures 17”H x 8.5”W x 2.5″ thick
  • Unique design offers thoracic support to distribute pressure away from spine
  • Constructed with two diagonal straps that are easy to slip over the top of your office chair
  • Has quick release buckles
  • Is versatile and easy to bring with you anywhere you go (compare this to other cushions that are heavy, awkward to carry and cumbersome).
  • Cushion cover is made of 100% breathable, stain-resistant cotton. Spot cleaning recommended (not machine washable).
  • Color: Black

Office chairs rarely fit us well and yet we often spend more hours in our chairs than our beds!  This contoured back support will give that uncomfortable chair a new life!

The foam is an environmentally friendly, latex-free, therapeutic closed cell foam with our PATENTED THORACIC CHANNEL that sets our product apart from any other similar back support you’ll find on the market.This groove, developed by an orthopedic physical therapist, distributes the pressure away from the spine and engages the core muscles to increase their firing while you work. It’s like exercising without getting up from your desk! 

If you want to feel stronger, more energetic and less tired by the end of your work-day…the Backbone cushion is for you!  60 day money-back guarantee