Ablenet BIG TalkingBrix 10000050



  • Amplified dual speaker sound output
  • Record lock prevents a user from accidentally erasing a message
  • Easily mount with a strip of Velcro or the internal magnet
  • Integrated rechargeable battery in each TalkingBrix. Link TalkingBrix together to charge all three at the same time.
  • Clear snap cap for attaching printed picture symbols

Possible use scenarios:

  • Use individually to request “I need help” or “May I have”
  • Use multiple together to play a game where one requests to take a turn, second comments on how the game is going for them (e.g. I’m having fun), and the third says something complementary to the others playing the game
  • Download our guide for single and sequential messaging for additional use ideas

Technical Specifications 

  • Activation Type: Pressure
  • Activation Force: 2.5-oz/71-g
  • Activation Surface Size: 3.5-in/8.8-cm
  • Recording Time: 10-sec
  • Number of Message Locations: 1
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable
  • Weight: 5.7-oz/162-g per BIG TalkingBrix
  • HCPCS Code: E2500
  • Product Warranty: 2-year limited warranty

The new BIG TalkingBrix is a huge hit with anyone looking for an easy-to-use single or multi-message message communication solution. BIG TalkingBrix is a set of three single-message communication devices that can be used individually or attached to create a multi-message communication device. Each BIG TalkingBrix can play a message up to 10-seconds long.

The 3.4-in / 8.6-cm colored top on each BIG TalkingBrix is easy to activate with only 2.5-oz/71-g of force. Each BIG TalkingBrix includes a clear snap-cap so you can attach a picture symbol of your choice. BIG TalkingBrix contains a long-lasting rechargeable battery.