Headrest for Herman Miller Classic Aeron Chair



  • The Headrest for the Herman Miller Aeron chair is ergonomically designed to support a range of postures and receive the head’s weight at any reclined position, while allowing you to relax and maximize your productivity.
  • Experience better focus by promoting your body’s natural alignment as our headrest moves with your body movements, offering full support through the day. Scientifically proven to increase comfort and muscular relief while keeping the spine aligned.


  • Ergonomically designed to support natural spinal motion and healthy head and neck position. Scientifically proven to support a range of postures while using modern technologies to sustain productivity.
  • Designed to maximize your office ergonomic investment and complement your Aeron in terms of quality, color, mesh and design. 
  • Fully adjustable with up/down tilt,  up/down slide and forward/backward tilt
  • Easily adjusted while sitting. The three free-flowing adjustment options allow you to fully customize your posture while resting, performing tasks, or being in motion.  
  • Warranty: This top-quality headrest comeswith a 12-year warranty - the same length as Herman Miller’s warranty for seating products. 
  • Arrives with everything you need and takes only minutes to install! Check out the installment video below.
  • Available in 2 sizes:
    • H3 designed for those under 5’11
    • H4 designed for those 5’-11” or taller (Full Size headrest is 20% larger pillow and extended adjustability with a maximum height of 11” and forward reach of 8”
  • Available in 2 colors: Carbon or Zinc

The Herman Miller Aeron Headrest for the Classic Aeron unites the physical and mental support for the most comfortable day at your desk. It’s time to rest your head and sustain a healthy posture with ergonomic brilliance.