Gel Armrest Covers (GA1) - Transform Your Chair's Comfort


Enhance your office chair with our Gel Armrest Covers, providing superior comfort and support for your arms and elbows. Perfect for anyone spending significant time at a desk, these covers reduce pressure points and improve circulation, making your workspace more ergonomic and comfortable.



  • Soft Gel Padding: Adds a layer of plush comfort to hard armrests.
  • Smooth Black Lycra Cover: Ensures durability and a sleek look.
  • Easy Fit: Adaptable to most office chairs with adjustable T-armrests from 7" to 11" long.


  • Comfort Enhancement: Minimize discomfort and prevent the strain associated with prolonged desk work.
  • Ergonomic Support: Maintain proper wrist and arm alignment to enhance ergonomic posture.
  • Simple Installation: Slip-on design allows for quick and easy setup without needing tools.


  • Size: 4"W x 7"L (unstretched)
  • Color: Black
  • Fits: Chair arms 7" to 11" long
  • Sold as a pair

Our Gel Armrest Covers are specifically designed to contour to your elbows and forearms, providing crucial comfort and support. The 1/2" thick gel pad covered in premium black Lycra not only enhances comfort but also aids in maintaining a proper ergonomic position to avoid stress and strain on the arms during long hours of work.