Mousetrapper Delta RollerBar Mouse, Regular & Extended



  • Ergonomically designed central rollerbar input device minimizes arm extension while mousing
  • Soft texture of rollerbar enables you to work precisely and efficiently
  • Easily control the cursor with smooth movements and click with a light press with your fingers.
  • 10 inch (255mm) wide Control Bar with click and scroll function which can be easily moved 4.9 inches (125mm) sideways
  • 6 programmable buttons that can easily be customized using MT Keys
  • Soft wrist rest that can be disinfected
  • The wrist rest is easy to replace with its magnetic attachment
  • Made of recycled plastic
  • Adjustable friction/height pad for keyboard
  • 2 USB ports (3.3V) for charging and connecting multiple devices
  • 4000 dpi makes scrolling, clicking and zooming easy
  • Six programmable button gives you freedom to adapt the functionality so you can work more efficiently
  • MT153 Delta Regular Dimensions: 19.7” W x 4.7” D x 1.1” H weighs 1.8 lbs
  • MT152 Delta Extended Dimensions: 19.7” W x 5.7” D x 1.1” H weighs 2 lbs.
  • Color: Black

The Mousetrapper Delta uses the newly developed carbon fiber Control RollerBar. You control Delta using the Control Bar, our newly developed carbon fiber rollerbar. The Control RollerBar allows a relaxed, centered position – and with six customizable buttons you can work even more efficiently. Delta is made in Sweden using recycled plastic.