BenchMate Edge Protector



    • A high quality arm rest application will remove the hard, sharp edges of any work surface.
    • The interior is a 7/8”H foam padding shaped to a 90° angle.
    • The exterior is a high quality vinyl material with a special soft vinyl end cap at each end. Duo Lock fasteners (2” x 1”) spread evenly across the pad for strong and easy attachment.
    • The vinyl materials meet many state and federal fire codes, resistant to cracking at minus 20° F, mildew and sulfide resistant and easily maintained with ordinary cleaners
    • Two styles of product – Standard Vinyl and Twill Anti Static available in 24” or 36” lengths. The standard model is made of high quality ‘doe skin’ black vinyl and combines a soft feel with an extremely durable material.
    • Dimensions: 3 ½”W x 2 1/4" H x 24” or 36” L
    • Standard version available in high quality 'doe skin' black vinyl for soft feel and durability.
    • Anti Static model is made of black & gray tweed vinyl material with 6 foot grounding cord is tested and labeled for ESD (electro static decay) applications
    • Ideal for use in laboratories, electrical component assembly stations, architectural / engineering tables and a variety of manufacturing applications.
    • Duo Lock fasteners (2" x 1") spread evenly across the pad for strong and easy attachment.
    • Warranty on ESD attached to the product.

    By removing the hard edges of work surfaces, these BenchMate products provide comfort for your arms and forearms.They're ideal for use in laboratories, component assembly stations, and other industrial workspace applications.Two widths (24"w and 36"w) are standard and these are available in both standard and Anti Static. Special custom orders are available in sizes up to 96" wide.